Consolidation Loans

Taking your financial obligations and providing them all together into one consolidation loan could be a great way of handling your money – nearly a one fourth of all loans taken out in Canada are used to pay off current debts*.

Decreased rates

If you’re paying higher prices on your credit than on the mortgage you plan to negotiate your financial obligations to, you could decrease the overall amount you have to pay back.

One set per month repayment

Instead of trying to handle several per month payments to credit cards, store credit cards, loans and bank account borrowing on different times, you can clean everything up into one cost-effective debt consolidation loan. With a set rate your per month payments will always stay the same. Remember, you may have to pay a agreement fee on your current credit.

Decrease your repayments

You could decrease your per month payments by improving your mortgage term,   as well as taking a consolidation loan although you will still need to keep more careful track of your finances.

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